Complex Networks 2021 Awards

Best Oral Presentations

The Oral Presentation Awards have been assigned to:

    • Giulia Cencetti for the contribution "Digital proximity tracing on empirical contact networks for pandemic control" by Giulia Cencetti, Gabriele Santin, Antonio Longa, Emanuele Pigani, Alain Barrat, Ciro Cattuto, Sune Lehmann, Marcel Salathé and Bruno Lepri;
    • Miguel Ruiz Garcia for the contribution "Topology controls the emergent dynamics in nonlinear flow networks" by Miguel Ruiz Garcia and Eleni Katifori.

Best Lightning Presentations

The Lightning Presentation Awards have been assigned to:

  • Mauro Faccin for the contribution "Vaccine-critic discourse on French-speaking Twitter and its outreach." by Mauro Faccin, Floriana Gargiulo and Jeremy Ward

Best Poster Presentations

The Poster Presentation Awards have been assigned to:

  • Alejandro Dinkelberg for the contribution "Detecting opinion-based groups and polarisation on survey data" by Alejandro Dinkelberg, Pádraig MacCarron and Michael Quayle